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SilverConnect is an industry leader in professional website design, computer training, Graphic design, strategy, development, and hosting located in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. We're truly a one-stop shop offering a full range of solutions for anyone looking to succeed in their online endeavors. SilverConnect is a privately held company with a long history of profitability and stability.

We have abundant experience in creating Content Management Systems, Portals, Corporate Sites, and Database Management Systems. If you have a project is mind, it is very likely that we have already created something similar.

Our main goal is to add value to our customers’ businesses using quality and cost effective solutions and services. We understand their business needs and how technology can be used to satisfy all needs. Our team consists of highly-qualified, talented and innovative individuals with specific areas of expertise and experience.

We are commited to improving the IT industry in Nigeria, by training individuals with latest ICT concepts and technologies.


Our fees are moderate with an option for installmental payment.


Applicants will be certified upon completion of studies.


Course materials are constantly updated with new & latest concepts.


Get trained by experienced and professional instructors.


SilverConnect Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy starts and ends with the client as a focal point - understanding the client's requirements, developing optimal solutions to meet those requirements, building processes in place to ensure that quality is present at every stage, and achieving our commitments on delivery and service, before and after selling our service.

Our Services


We're expert at creating custom designed websites to fit your needs! We strive to create a unique design for your website that will help your business, corporation, or individual enterprise stand out.


Update your company branding and print marketing. We design brochures, leaflets and letterheads, combining the latest trends with timeless style. We can help your company accomplish organic engagement to build a lasting relationship with your target audience.


We offer full-cycle development services for web, mobile and desktop that have already brought value to hotel reservations sytems, school management systems, hospital management system, retail software e.t.c.

Computer Training

We offer practical computer training for both individuals & organisations at affordable rates and convenient time frame. We offer web design & development training, computer repairs, internet training, graphics design training, computer basics training and lots more.

Engine Optimization

In today's competitive world, ranking well in Google is the most important need of the highly competitive world. We (The Top Most SEO Company) will smoothly guide you through to the Top Ranks.

Corporate Branding

Your business identity and promoting the brand name & its services are the most important medium of conveying your message. We design strategies after completely understanding your business needs.

SilverConnect ceo message

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your continuous support to SilverConnect.

SilverConnect is not only a name or a company. It is a passion, a desire to grow, serve and excel. Its success story is carved by untiring hard work, dedication and adherence of its team members to its cause. Thanks for your encouragement; SilverConnect has been able to fulfill its responsibility as one of the BEST Internet and Design Partner. Responsibility lies with our Company from the planning stage until the final design or application is successfully delivered.

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Admision Is In Progress

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